POST 911 PHOTOS / 2014




- 2014 AMVETS Post 911 Meeting & Christmas Party-

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 had our December monthly Post meeting and yearly Christmas Party at the Landmark Villa Assisted Living Facility.  We have several members of our Post who live at the Facility so the Post voted to try to have all of our December Post meetings and our Christmas Parties at the Facility.  We had a short meeting and then adjourned, immediately after we had our Post 911 Christmas Party. The use of the banquet meeting room plus the food and drinks were all supplied/donated by Landmark Villa.  We had a good time and enjoyed the mix of resident and non-resident Post 911 members who attended.  One resident joined our Post that night, she was in the Korean War (photo #9). Hayward, California.  Thursday, 4 Dec 2014.


- 2014 Pleasanton, CA Veteran's Parade -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Honor Guard Members: Danno Freeman, Heather Reyes, and Michael L. Emerson (3 out of our 7 Honor Guard members) marching in the yearly City of Pleasanton Veteran's Parade.  We also had help with holding our Post's banner by local Boy Scouts from Troop #998 and Nick Emerson (Michael's son) taking pictures.  We had a good time and were able represent AMVETS and also to inform the public and other veterans about AMVETS. Pleasanton, California.  Sunday, 2 Nov 2014.


- Visiting AMVETS National Headquarters -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson visited AMVETS National Headquarters in Lanham, Maryland. While there he toured the building and got a chance to meet and talk to:  National Commander Larry Via (photo #2), National Executive Commander Stewart Hickey (photo #3), National Membership Chairman Harry Neal (photo #4), National Communications Director David Gai, and several others.  The building was very nice and looked very professional. Lanham, Maryland. Tuesday, 7 Oct 2014.


Vision to Reality | The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

- American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson with his girlfriend Mary and his son Tyler where invited to Washington, DC to the Dedication of the Memorial.  Michael is a disabled for life Marine Corps veteran.  Michael also has personally donated to the Memorial and has supported building the Memorial for many years.  AMVETS Hayward Post 911 charter member Steven Sliss and his wife also attended.  Michael also got a chance to meet AMVETS National Commander Larry Via at the dedication (photo #3). President Obama spoke. It was a beautiful day.  Washington, DC. Sunday, 5 Oct 2014.



AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson volunteered this year to be a driver, he has volunteered for this event with his VFW and American Legion Posts in different volunteer positions over the years. The East Bay Stand Down is a veteran supported and conducted event that brings homeless and in need male and female veterans and their dependents from all over the San Francisco Bay Area for help with medical, mental, legal, housing, clothing, food, and any other needs they may have. Other AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members who volunteered were: John McPartland, J.R. Wilson and Kasey Warner.
The East Bay Stand Down is held every other year at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, California.
Michael served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry from 1982 to 1992. Michael is a Desert Storm Veteran. Pleasanton, California.  Friday, 12 Sept 2014. 



AMVETS Hayward Post 911 member Jim Hodges attended the yearly family day event at the Livermore VA.  The AMVETS Dept Service Foundation donated $600 for this event.   Also years ago AMVETS donated a transportation cart to the Livermore VA, which Jim is standing in front of.  Livermore, California.  Saturday, 16 August 2014.


- AMVETS Post 911 meeting on 7 August 2014 -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911's Special Guests at our monthly Post meeting at the Hayward Veterans Memorial Building in Hayward California on Thursday, 7 Aug 2014.


#1. Post Commander Emerson and Assemblyman Bill Quirk presenting a framed certificate of "In Memoriam" to the Wife and Daughter of Owen Smith. Owen passed away on 7 July 2014.  Owen was a Charter member of AMVETS Hayward Post 911, a WWII veteran, and Pearl Harbor Survivor.

#2. Post Commander Emerson giving some of the 100+ old US Flags we collected in our Flag retirement box to Boy Scout Troop 801's Scoutmaster Robert Benn and some of his Boy Scouts.

3. Assemblyman Bill Quirk formally presenting Post Commander Michael L. Emerson with the 2014 Veteran of the Year award at the our Post meeting.



AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members participating in the Hayward Street Fair to recruit new AMVETS Post members and to inform the public that donations are still needed for the Hayward 9/11 Memorial.   We want to specially thank the City Council of Hayward for donating for our booth and the City Attorney Michael Lawson for helping us with the insurance on the booth.  Also thank you to Dennis Waespi, Larry Lepore and Mary Greenlee for their support in manning the booth.  In addition, thank you to AMVETS Post 911 members for manning the booth:  John White, Rick Perkins, Steven Johnson and Michael L. Emerson.   Location of the event was in downtown Hayward on B Street.  Thursday, 17 July 2014.


- New Mayor and Council Members Installation -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson presenting a framed AMVETS Certificate of Appreciation to out-going Mayor Michael Sweeney for his many years of service to the City of Hayward and his support of the Veterans of Hayward and Veterans in other surrounding communities.  The New Mayor is Barbara Halliday. Hayward City Hall in Hayward, California on Tuesday, 8 July 2014.


- City of Hayward Neighborhood 4th July 2014 Event -

Three members of AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Honor Guard presented the Colors and participated in Hayward City Council member Francisco Zermeno's 4th of July 2014 Hayward neighborhood event.  Hayward, California on Friday, 4 July 2014.


#1-3. AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Honor Guard members Bud Simmons (U.S. Flag), Michael L. Emerson (California Flag), and Heather Reyes (City of Hayward Flag) "Presenting the Colors" and participating in the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.

#4.  Mayor-Elect Barbara Halliday giving a 4th of July and welcome speech at the event.

#5. AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson talking to those at the event about the "Hayward 9/11 Memorial" and how they can donated to help to support and pay to build it. Website: . Hayward City Council member Francisco Zermeno helped by holding and showing the Memorial info sign.

#6. Left to right: Hayward City Council member Francisco Zermeno, AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson, and City of Hayward Mayor-Elect Barbara Halliday at the event.


- 2014 Veteran of the Year Award -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson was selected by Assembly Member Bill Quirk to receive the California State Legislature 20th District Assembly's: "2014 VETERAN OF THE YEAR" award, both of Michael's sons Nick and Tyler also attended.  This is the second time Michael has received this award/honor, in 2011 Michael was selected by 20th District Assembly Member Bob Wieckowski for the: "2011 VETERAN OF THE YEAR."  An awards luncheon was held at the California State Capital in Sacramento, California on Wednesday, 25 June 2014.


- AMVETS Vietnam Veterans & Flag Day Event -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 put on a Vietnam War 50th Year Commemoration Ceremony on Flag Day at Lone Tree Cemetery.  We had many dignitaries speak, the AMVETS Honor/Color Guard posted/retired the Colors and did a three round Rifle Salute, also the Boy Scouts Hayward Troop 801 participated.  The event photos have details included on the photo. After the Vietnam Veteran's Ceremony was completed the Boy Scouts did a formal U.S. Flag retirement ceremony.  Hayward, California on Saturday, 14 June 2014.


- COMCAST Cable "Veterans Network" Event -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson and Post Armourer Jim Hodges Presented the Colors at the COMCAST event in Livermore, California.  Comcast is starting a cable channel for veterans and also a program to hire more veterans to work at Comcast.  Emerson spoke about working together and doing programs to help veterans.  The event was put together by Ken Maxey the Director of Government Affairs at Comcast.  Emerson also presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Comcast Regional Vice President Hank Fore who is also an Army Veteran and retired Lt. Colonel, for his service and his support of veterans.  Wednesday, 11 June 2014.


-AMVETS 2014 State/Dept Convention-

Three members of AMVETS Hayward Post 911 participated in the yearly AMVETS State of California Convention.  The convention was held from 6-8 June 2014 in Rancho Cordova, California (in the suburbs of Sacramento, California.


#1. Hayward Post 911 receiving a 1st place certificate for most new members recruited in the 2013-2014 year.  Left to right: State 1st Vice Commander Greg Raffa, Northern Area Commander Tom Johnson, Post 911 Adjutant Bud Simmons, Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson,  State Commander Jerry Guevara, and 2nd Vice Commander John Byrum.

#2. Hayward Post 911 Adjutant Bud Simmons speaking to the Delegates on the Convention Floor.

#3. Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson receiving our new Post Guidon from State Commander Jerry Guevara (left) and 1st Vice Commander Greg Raffa (right).

#4.  Hayward Post 911 members at the AMVETS Awards Dinner on Saturday night.  Left couple:  Post Commander Michael L. Emerson and his girlfriend Mary.  Center couple: Post Adjutant Bud Simmons and is wife GiGi. Right couple: Post member Domingo Cardoza and his girlfriend Suzie.

#5. Hayward Police Inspector Rob Lampkin (center) being presented a plaque for winning the "2014 AMVETS Law Enforcement Officer of the Year" award, he was submitted for the award by Hayward Post 911.  Post 911 Commander Emerson also presented Inspector Lampkin with a $100 gift certificate donated by Hayward Ranch restaurant.  Far left: State Commander Jerry Guevara, second from right: Post 911 Adjutant Bud Simmons, far right: Assemblyman Ken Cooley.

#6. Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson receiving a plaque for best Post history scrapbook in the State of California.  Far left: State Commander Jerry Guevara, second from right: Post 911 Adjutant Bud Simmons, far right: Assemblyman Ken Cooley.


- AMVETS Officer Installation Ceremonies & Memoriam-

AMVETS Hayward Post 911's monthly Post meeting included: Introduction of our new Post partner Boy Scouts Hayward Troop 801, who Posted the Colors for our monthly Post meeting. Presentation of "In Memoriam" certificate to Post 911 member Walter Owen's wife Maria. Walter passed away on 22 May 2014. Installation of Post Officers for 2014-2015 year.  Hayward Veterans Memorial Building.  Thursday, 5 June 2014.


#1. Boy Scouts Hayward Troop 801 Posting the Colors at the beginning of our monthly meeting.  Their first event with our AMVETS Post.

#3. Post Commander Michael L. Emerson presenting Walter Owen's wife, Maria, a certificate "In Memoriam."  Post Adjutant Bud Simmons in background.

#4. Post Adjutant Bud Simmons conducting the oath of office for the 2014-2015 year, (left to right)Finance Officer Alan Cook, Judge Advocate Art Benin, First Vice Commander Greg Jones, and 2nd Vice Commander Tony Beaman.  Provost Marshal Steven Johnson assisted Bud Simmons.

#5.  Michael L. Emerson taking the oath office to be Post Commander for the 2014-2015 year.  Conducted by Post Adjutant Bud Simmons (in white hat) and Provost Marshal Steven Johnson (near Flag).


- AMVETS Sponsoring Saluting Military Recruits Event-

Members of AMVETS Hayward Post 911's Honor/Color Guard and other Post members helping to put on the yearly Saluting Military Recruits event (website: We had about 200 Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force recruits, with their families, and their recruiters attend. Speakers were: Assemblyman Bill Quirk, Major General Robert Ostenberg, and Pearl Harbor Survivor Navy Senior Chief Mickey Ganitch.  Chairman of the event and Master of Ceremonies: Post Commander Michael L. Emerson.  Other AMVETS Post members who helped and were in attendance:  Bud Simmons, Danno Freeman, Rick Thompson, Mickey Ganitch, Rick Perkins, and Ron Galvan.  Hayward Veterans Memorial Building in Hayward, California.  Saturday, 31 May 2014.


- AMVETS Post 911 Color Guard at Asian Festival -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Honor/Color Guard doing another Honor Guard Colors ceremony for the Hayward Asian American Heritage Festival.  First photo, left to right: Post Commander Michael L. Emerson, Heather Reyes, Post Chaplain Danno Freeman, and Adjutant Bud Simmons in front of Hayward City Hall.  Saturday, 31 May 2014.


- AMVETS Post 911 Helping on Flight 93 Memorial Event-

Members of AMVETS Hayward Post 911's Honor/Color Guard and members of Post 911 helping to put on the yearly Flight 93 Memorial in Union City, California on Memorial Day. Master of Ceremonies: Commander Michael L. Emerson, Bell Ringer: John McPartland, Rifle team: Heather Reyes, Rifle team: Jim Hodges, Flag Folding: Domingo Cardoza.  Union City, California.  Memorial Day, 26 May 2014.


- AMVETS Post 911 at Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Day-

Members of AMVETS Hayward Post 911's Honor/Color Guard and members of Post 911 participating in Chapel of the Chimes yearly Memorial Day event. With U.S. Flag: Post Commander Michael L. Emerson & Post Flag: Jim Hodges.  AMVETS Post 911 Members also in attendance:  Mickey Ganitch, Bud Simmons, Ron Galvin, Domingo Cardoza, Jason McCartney and John White.  Hayward & Union City, California.  Memorial Day, Monday, 26 May 2014.


- AMVETS Post 911 First Time Marching in a Parade -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911's brand new Honor/Color Guard marching in our first Parade, our Honor Guard started just 2 weeks ago. Honor/Color Guard members: U.S. Flag: Commander Michael L. Emerson, California State Flag: Heather Reyes, Post 911 Flag: Ron Galvan, POW/MIA Flag: Jim Hodges. Holding our Post Banner: Michael's girlfriend Mary Greenlee and Michael's oldest son Nick Emerson. We won 1st place as Best Honor/Color Guard against 5 other Honor/Color Guards in the Castro Valley Rowell Ranch Parade. Castro Valley, California. Saturday, 10 May 2014.


- AMVETS Post 911 Law Enforcement Awards -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911's brand new Honor/Color Guard doing our first Post 911 event of Posting the Colors.  Photo #4: Commander Michael L. Emerson presenting CHP Officer Michael A. Melton (Marine Corps veteran) a framed AMVETS award.  Photo #5: Emerson presenting Alameda County Sheriff  Detective Pat Smyth (Navy veteran) an award. Photo #6: Emerson presenting Hayward Police Inspector Rob Lampkin (Army veteran) an award.  We also presented each awardee a $50 gift card donated from Olive Garden and Mimi's Cafe.  Hayward Veterans Memorial Building.  Thursday, 1 May 2014.


- AMVETS Post 911 Honor Guard at Asian Festival -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson and Post Adjutant Bud Simmons in front of Hayward City Hall Posting the Colors for the Asian American Heritage Festival.  Hayward, California.  Wednesday, 30 April 2014.


-AMVETS Clover Donations and Recruiting Event-

Photo #1: AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Adjutant Bud Simmons and his wife Gigi in front of the Safeway store on Jackson Street.  Photo #3: AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson and his girlfriend Mary in front of the Safeway store on Foothill Blvd.   Hayward, California.  Saturday, 26 April 2014.


- AMVETS & Red Cross Blood Drive -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 sponsored and supported a Red Cross Blood Drive at our Post location in the Hayward Veterans Memorial Building in Hayward, California.  Photos show Post Commander Michael L. Emerson and Post Adjutant Bud Simmons, with the Red Cross coordinator Karl.   From 10AM to 3PM on Tuesday, 22 April 2014.


- U.S. Flag Retirement Deposit Box Event -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 donated a U.S. Flag retirement deposit box to the Hayward Veterans Memorial Building, where we have our monthly Post meetings. We thanked the owners of the companies who donated the box, Ross Bigler, and the vinyl design skin for on the box, On Time Signs, with Certificates of Appreciation. We also presented our State Senator Ellen Corbett with a Certificate of Appreciation for all she does to support and does for veterans. Our local Sea Cadets were our Honor Guard. We were also greatly honored to have our City Mayor Michael Sweeney, and city Council members: Mark Salinas, Francisco Zermeno, Greg Jones and Al Mendall who also attended.  It was a beautiful day and a great event. In front of the Hayward Veterans Memorial Building in Hayward, California.   Thursday, 3 April 2014.


- Dept of California AMVETS Legislative Day -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members attended the yearly Legislative Day at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California.  We discussed legislative bills that AMVETS supports to benefit veterans.  We also met many State Assembly and State Senators who also gave speeches at our event in the morning.  In the afternoon AMVETS members and Post 911 members went to different Assembly and Senate offices and met with them and/or staff to discuss and request they vote on the bills AMVETS supports.   Sacramento, California. Wednesday, 2 April 2014.

Photo Captions:

1. Left to right: AMVETS Legislative Advocate Pete Conaty, AMVETS member, AMVETS member, Dept of California Service Foundation President James Pidgeon, Dept Commander Jerry Guevara, Dept 1st Vice Commander Greg Raffa, the last three are AMVETS members.

2. Left to right: Gigi Simmons AMVETS auxiliary member and wife of Bud Simmons, Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson, Post 911 Adjutant Bud Simmons.

3. Left to right: AMVETS Service Officer David Black, Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson, Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, Gigi Simmons, Dept Executive Director Smokey Rickerd, and Post 911 Adjutant Bud Simmons in the halls of California political power in Sacramento, California.


- Veterans Resource Fair in Hayward -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 was invited by State Senator Ellen Corbett to participate.  We helped veterans with questions about medical, pension, education, and many other veteran related needs and services.  We also were recruiting and several new AMVETS members signed up at the event. and many others took our applications and said they will join our Post in the near future.  Any honorably discharged veteran can join AMVETS from any era and any time of service.  It was a very good event and we helped a lot of veterans.  Was conducted at our Post location of the Hayward Veterans Memorial Building in Hayward, California.   Saturday, 22 March 2014.


- Green Beret James F. Grissom Tree Ceremony -

The City of Hayward planted a tree in honor of and in remembrance of Army Green Beret Sgt First Class James F. Grissom in the plaza in front of Hayward City Hall, James was born in Castro Valley and raised in Hayward.  Many family members attend: His wife Angela, his parents Jim and Peggy, his sister Becca, his Uncle Steve, his cousins, many close friends, other members of the community and four members of Hayward's City Council.  Members of AMVETS Hayward Post 911 helped put the event together and were the MC, color guard, and played taps during the event.  AMVETS Post Commander, who was the MC of the event, also presented a plaque from AMVETS to the family to honor their sacrifice.  Hayward, California.   Friday, 21 March 2014.




- Honor Flight Movie and Donation Event -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson with Northern California Area Commander Tom Johnson and his wife Debbi, she is also an AMVETS member (all in yellow/gold t-shirts) at the Fremont Firefighters movie and donation event. Tom & Debbi are the leaders of the Honor Flight Northern California organization, in April 2013 Michael participated and was a Honor Flight guardian. Michael was there to support Tom & Debbi and Honor Flight.  Fremont, California. 15 March 2014.


-Korean Medal Presentation Event-

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members Corbit Ray (in red jacket) Bud Simmons (white mustache) and Michael L. Emerson (in blue jacket) attended a special event held in Fremont in which a Korean Company called "Lighthouse" and the Government of South Korea presented 11 U.S. combat veterans from the Korean War/Conflict with medals made from DMZ barbed wire.  Korean War vet Corbit Ray received one of the medals, Korean War vet Bud Simmons declined receiving the medal.  Fremont, California.  Saturday, 8 March 2014.


-Landmark Villa Military Ball-

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members attended the Military Ball many with our wives/girlfriends.  Eight non-resident AMVETS members attend and five of our new AMVETS members who are residents also participated. The Assisted Living facility supplied a two piece band for oldies dance music and excellent appetizers and drinks.  Everyone had a chance to dance and mingle with all of the residents who attended. Everyone had fun.  Thanks Landmark Villa for inviting us. Hayward, California.  Friday, 7 March 2014.


- Marines' Memorial Association-Iwo Jima Luncheon -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson and Post 911 member Chuck Kadlecek (who is a Marine Corps Survivor of Iwo Jima) with the luncheon's guest speaker Marine Corps Colonel Jeffrey Tuggle of the 23rd Marines.  The luncheon was at the Marines Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco, California to commemorate the 69th Anniversary of the Iwo Jima Battle.  There was a total of 17 Iwo Jima Survivors at the event.  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014.


- AMVETS Post 911 Officers Executive Meeting -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Officers, left to right:  Judge Advocate Art Benin, 1st Vice Commander Greg Jones, Adjutant Bud Simmons, Finance Officer Alan Cook, Commander Michael L. Emerson, and Chaplain Danno Freeman.  Also, Provost Marshal Steve Johnson who is taking the picture.  During our first Post Executive meeting discussing the current and future activities of the Post.  Hayward, California.  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014.


- AMVETS Care Bear Program with Hayward Police -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members, left to right: Post Adjutant Bud Simmons, Police Administrator Dr. Emily Young, Post Commander Michael L. Emerson, Post Judge Advocate Art Benin, and Post Chaplain and Care Bear Chairman Danno Freeman at the Hayward Police Department.  AMVETS Hayward Post 911 will donate stuffed animals monthly to the Hayward Police to give to needy and abused children.  Hayward, California.  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014.


- AMVETS / Landmark Villa Event -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members:  Photo #1 in 1st row, starting left to right:  Jim Hodges, Rick Perkins, Rick Thompson, Post Commander Michael L. Emerson, and Post Judge Advocate Art Benin.   Post members visiting Landmark Villa which is a Assisted Living / Nursing Home in Hayward, CA that has many military veteran residents.  Post 911 has monthly visits and once a year will have our monthly official Post meeting at the facility.  We had most of the facility's veterans attend, and about 10 of them signed up as new AMVETS members for Post 911.  Hayward, California.  Thursday, 20 February 2014.


- CSUEB Spring 2014 Homecoming Parade -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members Commander Michael L. Emerson and Jim Hodges participating with other Veterans from the American Legion Riders in the California State University-East Bay (CSUEB) Homecoming Parade for Spring 2014.  We marched around the campus and had a nice picnic meal after.  This was the FIRST time our NEW AMVETS Hayward Post 911 flag was used outside of the Post meetings, it looked great and AMVETS Post 911 got a lot of recognition since we led the Parade.  Hayward, California. 24 January 2014.


- AMVETS Spring 2014 DEC -

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members Commander Michael L. Emerson, 2nd Vice Commander Tony Beaman, Adjutant Bud Simmons, and Provost Marshal Steven Johnson attending the "Spring 2014 DEC" (Department Executive Committee) from 17-19 January 2014. We were able to meet and interact with all of the Dept. Officers and Staff. We also met many other Officers and members of AMVETS from other Posts from all over the State of California, allowing us to network with them.  We also learned more about the AMVETS organization, how it should be run, its by-laws and rules, all of which we will take back to our Post to help us run the Post better.  Santa Maria, CA  17-19 January 2014.


-AMVETS Visiting Landmark Villa-

AMVETS Hayward Post 911 members Rick Thompson, Bud Simmons (with wife Gigi), and Michael L. Emerson visiting with several veterans who are residents. At Landmark Villa Senior Residential & Assisted Living Facility, which Post 911 adopted and they also in turn adopted us.  We will work together on programs to support and benefit senior veterans at the facility.  Hayward, California.  Tuesday, 7 January 2014.






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